Our Story

It was the fall of 1995...

Joe had transferred to Millikin University to study Chemistry, and Katie was enrolled as a Social Science--Secondary Education major. We met each other working at student orientation, back when making student ID cards took at least five different steps and that many people!

Joe grew up working on his family's grain farm, and Katie lived on the same farm where her grandma grew up until she was ten. We both dreamed of one day making a living from farming and being involved in agriculture.

And then life got busy. We were married in 1999,  welcomed our daughter, Hannah, in 2003 and our son, Will, in 2007. Between work, kids' activities, and everything else, the idea of being farmers seemed to stay just that...an idea. 

In 2020, we learned about microgreens and wondered if anyone in our area would be interested in these super nutrient-dense veggies. We attended our first Assumption Farmers' Market in June 2021 and have been adding to our offerings ever since!

Our three-acre yard has become home to many of Katie's experiments. We have a large garden with vegetables and flowers, laying hens (and very loud roosters!), meat chickens, bees, and Will's FFA project raising pastured pork. In 2023, Katie received her Cottage Food Registration and added baked goods to our offerings. We love the adventures these additions make to our home, and we thank you for coming along and supporting our little farm in the process!

While we both still work full-time off-farm, we dream that someday, this little piece of land we were blessed with will be our full-time venture. Until then, we continue to learn, experiment, and offer our best products to our communities.

We often post on our Instagram @warnickfarms and Facebook @warnickfarmsmicrogreens, if you'd like to follow along with all the craziness and fun!