Nutrient-dense super foods, microgreens are the perfect addition to any meal. Serve as a salad, a garnish, or saute as a sidedish, microgreens add important vitamins and minerals to our diets.


Locally grown vegetables stay fresh longer, taste better, and help our communities' economies. We grow our veggies, many that are heirloom, using natural techniques and weed by hand. Working in the dirt makes us HAPPY!


Our fresh flower bouquets bring joy to any setting! Grown with love and arranged with care, these beauties will definitely bring a smile.

Pastured Meats

Rotational grazing and garden produce give our meats exceptional flavor. Our animals are respected, happy, and allowed to thrive as God intended without harmful antibiotics or hormones.

Free-Range Eggs

Our hens are happy! They eat bugs, greens, and roam to their hearts' content! This makes for exceptionally dark yolks that are more nutrient-dense than the grocery variety. Available for farm pick-up only.

Baking is one of Katie's favorite activities, and sharing this love of good, homemade, food with others makes her heart glad. Available in limited quanities at local farmers' markets and for order.

Seasonal Honey

All of our fruit trees, produce, and flowers benefit from our on-farm pollinators. An added benefit is the WONDERFUL clover honey they produce each year. Because we keep a full honey super on the hives each year, our supply is limited, but oh so delicious!